Heuer Carrera 1153

/Heuer Carrera 1153

The Carrera was originally developed and launched by Heuer back in 1963, under the stewardship of Jack Heuer; the great grandson of the founder of Heuer.


Jack Heuer said of the Carrera origin: Being at the helm of the company, I felt that we had to review our range of Chronographs. I started out in 1962 with the Autavia (we had withdrawn the Autavia Dashboard 12-hour stopwatch from the market due to the poor legibility of the dial), because the name was now free and  this model enjoyed a very good response when we launched it in the fall of 1962. So in decided in the fall of 1962 to start a new series with the name Carrera, a name that I had just loved and discovered in January 62 and the first Carrera was launched at the Basel Fair in spring 1963 .

The 1153 was part of the trio of designs that Heuer used to launch the Calibre 11 automatic chronograph movement in 1969. The first versions had the model name above the date and the word Chronomatic above the Heuer badge (see image below). Only a handful of these were produced as Heuer sold the Chronomatic name to Breitling. As such these models are very collectable. Chronomatic CarraeraThe 1153 was produced from 1969 to 1974 in various dial and hand combinations as well as movements that included the cal. 11, the modified 11-i and 12. The distinctive case with the two pusher on the right and crown on the left has a brushed finish.

Heuer produced a series of Chronomatic Carreras for Abercrombie & Fitch, these models are co-branded with both the Abercrombie & Fitch and Heuer names on the dial. An example of this co-branding is the model we have selected for our watch of the Month – a picture of perfection.