The Super Compressors

/The Super Compressors

The term ‘Super Compressor’ is often associated with watches that have the distinctive dual crown together with a rotating bezel. This is misleading however, ‘Compressor’ is actually trademark protected name applied to a specific type of case made by the case manufacturer Ervin Piquerez S.A. Watches with the Compressor label have a patented case sealing method that became more water tight the deeper the watch wearer went, basically the deeper the diver went, the more pressure was applied to the case-back, pressing it against the O-ring gasket.

Most of the Super Compressor watches have a distinctive cross-hatching markings on the crowns, and some brands put their logos over the cross-hatching. The crowns are typically over-sized and thick, making it easier to operate them under water.

One of our favourite examples of the SC watches at Black Goose is the iconic early to late 1960s Alpina Super Compressor. Boasting a simple but classic design, this timeless piece has aged with grace and distinction over the years. There are many lovely SC watches, the Olma Caravelle and the Enicar being just two examples, but the Alpina’s understated beauty makes it our particular favourite.

Alpina watch making goes back to the late 1800s when Gottlieb Hauser founded the ‘Alpina Union Horlogère S.A. (UH) / Schweizerische Uhrmacher-Genossenschaft (SUG)’ (‘Corporation of Swiss Watchmakers’). His vision was the ‘Alpinist Principle’: uniting Swiss watchmaking industry forces to achieve the highest quality and technical innovation in manufacturing. Visit the official site here:-